Tuesday, 6 April 2021

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  • Just a large variety of  Fresh Tasty Cheese.
  • World Class Cheeses.    All of Your Favourites, 
  • including Real Cream Cheese
  • Now offering Pizzas from Toronto restaurants.
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St Agur Blue        Shropshire, too. 

Saint Agur – French Cheese Corner

 Shropshire Blue

500 Year Old recipe   1655 Gruyere1655 Gruyere

300 Year old Traditional Beemsters a Netherlands Original

Beemster Cheese Celebrates Flavorful National Grilled Cheese Month  Offerings | Deli Market News 


BelliVitanos   Merlot, Tennessee Whiskey, and more........

BellaVitano – Cheese Underground  All of the Aged Cheddar's , including Red Storm

Percorino   Romano Lupa 

 Pecorino Truffle Queso de Oveja Trufado Curado 3 Kg Aprox Quesos Tellez Almagro. Queso  Manchego Artesano

 Dodoni Feta the Worlds best feta

55  Fresh World Class Cheeses in all

Saturday, 20 March 2021

The Cheese Boat is In and the Sun's Shining, From real Cream Cheese to Red Storm to St Agur and many Many More

 Caseifico Gennari Organic Parmigiano Reggiano Organic bioBio 24

Organic Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Quarters - Forever Cheese Oh this is the best yet.


Wisconsin Asiago

1 whole wheel just rolled in......


As expected, Wisconsin cheesemakers dominate U.S. championship | Business  News | madison.com

 St Agur Blue France 

will that be 1 wheel or 5  

Saint Agur | Savencia Fromage & Dairy 

7  Global  Blue Cheese Favourites as well.

 Shropshire, Stilton Blue, Benedictine Blue , Blue Haze, Bresse Blue and .....

  • Beemster Vlaskaas and Beemster Classic

plus          VSOC 5 yr aged Gouda

  • AppleTree Smoked Cheddar from PEI 
  • Chateau Triple Creme 
  • Mango / Ginger Stilton
  • Abbott's Gold
  • 10 yr Organic Cheddar 
  • Danish Fontina 
  • 45  Cheese , Fresh  Fresh  Fresh 
  • Curb side   249 888 8887
  • thebluefromage@gmail.com 
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Friday, 19 February 2021

More World Class Cheeses More Often

Red Storm  and Black Bomber are here.

Red Storm | Vintage Red Leicester CheeseBlack Bomber' Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese 200g by Snowdonia Cheese Company

    Over a dozen wheels. 


 Import Cheese – The Dover Cheese ShopA New BellaVitano

Bellavitano that is soaked in chardonnay wine to give the cheese bright and buttery notes of wine. The combination of Wisconsin Cheddar cheese and Parmesan give this cheese a terrific texture, somewhere between creamy and rich and crunchy and granular.

All of your favourites,too.

March 04/2021   Pop in or email to reserve.


Chateau de Bourgogne Triple Cream

 Image result for Chateau brie du bourgogne Chateau de Bourgogone is a traditional style triple-cream cheese. It is very rich, buttery, soft and very creamy. A decadent cheese to spread on a ...

 Friday Treats.........     Real Cream Cheese


a gently smoked Blue cheese from Quebec

 image.pngBlue Haze 

from st. Benoit du Lac

image.png(hey, it's very pretty here,too )

Beverage Chart below


Image result for brie du bourgogne 

Cow's Creamery Smoked Cheddar

Image result for cow's creamery smoked cheddar Apple Tree naturally smoked cheddar .

Nice crystallization  and consistant gentle flavour from P.E.I.


1655 Gruye're  Swiss   worlds best

Image result for 1655 GryuereOne of the world's best and oldest cheeses. Excellent with a Red or in a French Onion Soup 

St Agur Blue 

Image result for st agur blue Another of the World's great cheeses


Shropshire Blue

Image result for shropshire blue cheese As the tale goes.

Back in 1965  , a young Stilton cheese maker asked the boss if he could take the culture and make his own cheese.           Different milk, miles away.

Many years later Shropshire Blue has matured.

Try this on a thin slice of ......

1655 Gruyere  Swiss , who needs crackers.


55 cheeses each week, from Europe and the Continent            Open every day.


Never trust the Cheese Guy, 

Always Taste It!



249.888.8887   for curb side pick up

Existing customers and referrals only!

I sell cheese.        ( Not a debating society! )




Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Essential Food Service, Open Curb Side or Single Bubble. More Tasty Cheeses, All of the time. Tarts,Too!

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 Beemsters     Vlaskaas    Goat      Classic

Some of  the Worlds  Oldest and Most Original Cheeses 

Just in.........

Mexicana Ilchester, Abbotts Gold,

Fresh Cream Cheese....Just In Friday  


French Bries     Delice De B,         St Andea' ( Special)

Blues         St Agur Fr,      St Benoit du Lac

Cheddars   Red Storm, Black Bomber, 

Ottawa Valley 10 yr, 

6 year old PEI,  Cloth Bound Aged Cheddars, Danish Fontina better milk better flavour

Plus All Of Your usual Favorites 



Cave Aged SWISS GruyereWorlds Best
SWISS Emmentaler
Danish Fontina,  Finlandia Muenster, 
Aged Cheddars and lots of them .....Ottawa Valley Organic 10, BelliVitanos, Whiskey, Merlot, Balsamic, Raspberry Tart Ale,
Pecorinos, Truffles, Reggiano, Wisconsin Asiago,  
 Mexicana Ilchester UK, Abbotts Gold Carmelized Onion, 
St Agur, Blue Haze ( smoked )Quebec, Bendectin Blue , 
Premium Stilton Blue giant wheel , Huntsman with Stilton Blue.
Beemster Vlaskaas (12) Classic (19) X Old ....to infinity, VSOC 2 year Old  and 5 Year Old...Did you say Scotch Whiskey Rock Candy
Mango & Ginger Stilton , Lemon Zest and many many more  

Thank You to the many loyal customers from Tiny Township, Wasaga Beach, Barrie and the surrounding areas 

Existing and referred customers Only 

( maybe we should make this a Members Only Private Club  to provide even more tasty foods)

Coming Soon ......

Special Order...... Meats, 

Pizzas, Seafoods

Friday, 22 January 2021

Curbside or Single Bubble / Fully Stocked with The Best Cheeses

 Beemsters     Vlaskaas, Goat, Classic, Truffle

French Bries  Delice De B, St Andea' ( Special)

Blues         St Agur Fr,  St Benoit du Lac

Cheddars   Red Storm, Ottawa Valley 10 yr

Plus All Of Your usual Favorites 



Gruyere, Emmentaler, Danish Fontina,  Finlandia Muenster, Aged Cheddars, BelliVitanos, Whiskey, Merlot, Balsamic, Raspberry Tart Ale, Pecorinos, Truffles, Reggiano, Asiago,  St Agur, Blue Haze, Bendectin Blue , Premium Stilton Blue,
Mango & Ginger , Lemon Zest and many more  
Thank You to the many loyal customers from Tiny, Wasaga, Barrie and the surrounding area 

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Back to Our Regularily Schedualed Cheese Program. Curb Side or Single Bubble Tonnes of Fresh Cheese Chicken Pot Pies and Tarts too

 Swiss Cave Aged Gryuere Kaltbach  The Original 500 yr Old recipe


Please go to their brilliant web page.   There's a repeating track of happy cows, too.



Emmi Emmenthaler  

It takes 12 months for an Emmentaler AOP to become a Kaltbach Emmentaler AOP. The nutty-tangy aroma develops as the Cheese ages in the damp climate of our sandstone Cave and through the expertise of our Cavemasters. During this period the natural black-brown rind and the inclusions of white salt crystals and water droplets form. So that ultimately each wheel is a masterpiece.


Beemster Vlaskaas


Nutty,  Buttery, lactose free century old recipe.

Beemster Vlaskaas Cheese - Sold by the Pound by Beemster: Amazon.ca: GroceryThe 'Wow" Cheese 

Plus 45 more amazing unique Cheeses.

Beemster Truffle unique  rich, creamy and nutty. 

Beemster cheese speckled throughout with genuine truffles.

 No artificial flavors, aromas or perfumes.

 Very tasty  and lactose free European Milk




Blue Haze from Ste Benoite De Lac  Quebec



Celtic Blue and Benedicton Blue

All our cheeses are gluten-free and nut-free. Only our blue cheeses and cheese curds contain lactose.