Tuesday, 4 August 2020

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Friday, 10 July 2020

Todays Fresh Cheeses plus Popular Just In Cheeses

The following cheeses will be delivered tomorrow: Friday July 10/2020

Mango and Ginger x 2.2 k
                   Comte  Fr.
  Greek feta
                                               Mexicana  Ilchester  Cheddar
       Caramelized Onion     Abbott's Gold
                                              Balsamic Onion
Grey Owl  Truly a Great Brie
             St Andre Brie
                           House Cream Cheese
10 Year Old  Organic White cheddar
and                           Cave aged Gruyere
Many BeleVitanos     Balsamic   Merlot  Tennessee Whiskey
Raspberry Tart Ale  
Plus The Usual Suspects     7 yr , 5Yr  Cheddar's   Welsh Cheddar's
and 40 more

Friday, 17 April 2020

The Cheese Guy Essential Comforts Butter,Butter Tarts, Cream Cheese, Chocolate, Sauces

Safe Serve /  Curb Side   
         It Works 
       249-888-8887       voice message too
  e-order  @           thebluefromage@gmail.com 
Chapon Chocolatier | Juliet in Paris       -------------------------------------------- 
Birch Farms        Farm Market
Here @ the Cheese Guy Elmvale
Friday  Afternoon
Fresh Produce avaliable here front room  Too   self serve 

Oh Ya, The Cheeses!
Real Dairy Cream Cheese 
14% M.F  Fresh Weekly
Imported Danish Fontina

New Cheddars From Empire Cheese 
5 Year Old 
  7 Year Old  Cheddars
Plus Ottawa Valley Creamery 
10 year Old Unpasterised Cheddar
  • Lemon Zest Black Gouda
  • Romano Lupa 
  • Aged Montana Intenso
  • Finlandia Muenster
  • Dodoni Feta
  • Reggie Parma
  • Beemsters
  • Blue Haze St Benoite  du lac
  • KerryGold  Cashel Blue
  • Balsmic Onion
  • Camelized Onion
  • Mango Ginger Stilton
  • St Agur Blue
  • Huntsman Blue
  • Mexicana Ilchester
  • Real Cream  Cream Cheese
  • 20 more...

Chapon Chocolatier | Juliet in ParisDodoni Feta ( original Greek, Goat)
The worlds best feta cheese

Shop Dodoni Greek Feta (PDO) - Overstock - 23066913 
10 Year Old Organic Ottawa Valley Cheddar Special Edition
 Hook's 20 Year Aged Cheddar A.650x232.72res • Fromagination

Cow's Creamery Butter 
Sea Salted   Cultured     # 1
Canada's Best Butter                The Pastery Makers Dream

Taste Test: Cultured Butter - D Magazine

Tennessee Whiskey BelliVitano
                         Espresso Bellivitano
Merlot BelliVitano
                              Black Pepper BelliVitano 
                               #1 New Cheese 2019 USA

Finlandia  Muenster

Similar to Havarti but more of a tart full flavour, firmer texture and an excellent stretch on pizza and 'samiches". 
The essential cheese for a  Boston Hoagie

Best Italian Sub/Hoagie in New Jersey Winners (2016) | USA TODAY ...

Mango & Ginger  White Stilton 

Mango/Ginger Stilton cheese Toronto - Cheese Boutique

Delice Triple Creme    ( of course )
Delice de Bourgogne - 4 lb Wheel: Buy Delice de Bourgogne - 4 lb ...

President Brie France

 PrĂ©sident Brie Round | PrĂ©sident Cheese

Grenada Chocolate Company | Wee 93.3/9 FM Radio Grenada Chocolates German, Italian,
Carribean and Dutch  Netherlands
Chocolates Too


Shropshire Blue

Image result for somerville mango ginger stiltonIn 1965 a Stilton cheese maker went to the Cheese Master and asked permission to use the Stilton cheese culture. With a blend of different milks, the passing of time and good fortune  Shropshire Blue has evolved to become a rich Cheddary flavourful Blue.
Best until the last
Birch Farms  Tarts   Fresh

Coming Very Soon
Chicken Pot Pies, Meat Pies, Italian Dishes, Amazing Exclusive Macaroni and Cheese

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Making this Easy Safe & Tasty Curb Side & Fast Track Pick-up

The Cheese Guy was previously an international Health Practitioner  (30 yrs)
So Let's make this Make this Easy Safe & Tasty  maybe Fun, Too.

Call It In;   249 888 8887
email;    the bluefromage@gmail.com         
Same for       e transfers/payments  too

Cash in a baggie        Credit Cards  via SquareUp
Open All Weekend  Too
Ok, Let's Think about eating   
World Class  Cheeses        Fully Stocked

From      14% Cream Cheese &  Cow's Creamery Butter  
to             Well aged     Cheddars   &  Goudas 
                    Blues  & Bries  Too 

Famous    Birch Farms      Tarts 

                     Individually or by the dozen

Friday, 21 February 2020

Plenty of Cheese Goodies Black Pepper BelliVitano, Whiskey, Merlot , Feta


Sunny Days   Plenty of Cheese Goodies

Fast Track  &
Take Out
249 888 8887


# 1  Canada's Best   Cow's Creamery  Cultured Butter 
       ( MOO )  Best  Ever  for  PASTRY

Cheese Boutique  
14% Real Cream Cheese 

Mexicana Ilchester

A Welcome back to the Ilchester cheese with the famous 'backbite'. 

Add it to a pasta, melt it on a burger or shred it on a salad.

You're Up Town Now.

Black Pepper Bellivitano
Big Winner at the 2019 USA Cheese Show.

Dodoni Feta     the worlds best feta cheese

Image result for dodoni feta cheese

Black Lemon Zesty  Ruscello 

Black Lemon Gouda is black in colour; surprising and refreshing of taste.
You taste fresh lemon plus the cheese is enriched with vitamin D3. 
This is a special and unique cheese. A colourful addition to your cheeseboard.

 Black Lemon meets Risotto

Mango & Ginger Stilton 
Image result for mango ginger cheese somerville

Caramelized Onion   Abbotts Gold  

Image result for abbots gold cheese

Thursday, 30 January 2020

Ready for the Weekend Bries, Goudas,Specialty Cheddars & Blues Photos Too

Open All Weekend -  New In Today 

Dodoni Feta  Greek Feta   The Original Sheep Feta from Greece

  • Tennessee Whiskey BelliVitano Image result for tennessee whiskey bellavitano
  • Merlot BelliVitano 
  • Tart Raspberry Ale   BelliVitano 
  • Black Pepper BelliVitano- 2019 Award Winner

  • Delice Triple Creme Brie    France
  • Grey Owl Brie                    Quebec  Image result for grey owl cheese
  • St Andre Brie                      France ____________________________________
    UK Cheddars return 
  • Mexicana Ilchester -   Hot & Spicy with a      pleasantly warm back bite. Related image
  • Caramelised Onion  UK Cheddar with Onion
  • Balsamic Onion     UK Cheddar with Balsamic Onion ______________________________________
  •  Baker's Choice 14% M.F.   Real Cream Cheese
  • Cow's Creamery Cultured Butter 84% M.F.  Royal Winters Fair Best Butter
  • New Products :  Black Pepper BelliVitano Image result for bellavitano black pepper cheese
  • New Chocolates Too

Saturday, 28 December 2019

The Cheese Pipe Line is Open Happy New Year & Thank You

To keep those Cheese Wheels turning

Tonnes of Favourites 
   New Cheeses Too
  • 14% Fresh made Cream Cheese   a specialty from The Cheese Boutique .
  •  I have grated &  Blended  cheeses.
  •  Block Ends by the Bag

Reserve Cheese
Tennessee Whiskey BellaVitano®

Full of spirit and a smooth sweetness, Tennessee Whiskey meets out rich, creamy BellaVitano in this new classic cheese.
Breathe in that clear country air and savor the sweet life.

Merlot BellaVitano 

And  Raspberry Bellivitano, Too.

Image result for stilton blue cheese Stilton   Blue
The British King of the Blues.
Known the world over for it's deep wide blue aroma & flavour.

White Stilton  Mango  & Ginger

 Image result for somerville mango ginger stilton

 Shropshire Blue

Image result for somerville mango ginger stiltonIn 1965 a Stilton cheese maker went to the Cheese Master and asked permission to use the Stilton cheese culture. With a blend of different milks, the passing of time and good fortune  Shropshire Blue has evolved to become a rich Cheddary flavourful Blue.