Wednesday, 8 September 2021

New Cheeses and Chocolates on their way. Let's stay Covid-19 safe, But Eat Well

 I'll keep this simple. The Covid-19 is far from over. 

  •  Everyone  coming in here has been safe         and civilized ( mostly).
  •  This small spot is for sale by  the owner Bruce Roberts & family. 
  •  Bruce has been wonderful. What a patient sole.
  •  If he wasn't a cheese lover,Too, there would be nothing in this County. 
  •  I'd love to expand because the market is definitely here....well in Tiny and Wasaga Beach
  • This Cheese Shoppe  has been a Hugh connector in and around this area. Several 1000's Google inquiries alone, most weeks

Onward to the cheeses 

 Well Stocked as Usual

 If I don't have it...Ask

World Cheese Awards Market | The ListPlus  Today

Abbott's Gold / Wensleydale with Caramelized Onions

Abbot's Gold | The Yorkshire Dales Cheese Company  Romano Lupa Pecorino 

Pecorino Romano Lupa Cheese ~1LB - Concord Foods, Toronto/GTA Livraison  d'épicerie | INABUGGY

Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Long Week End Cheese -a-thon Yum Selected International Cheeses at wonderful prices

  •  Soon to become a Private Club,  your private club.
  •  Any existing customer and/or their Friend are members. 

Moving forward, I can further increase and diversify the products.  Private Club will also give us all an extra layer of health and safety protection.

The Same  in store or Curb Side ordering 

705 300 6658



This week ;

Plenty of  Triple Creme Brie  & Blues from France, Welsh Red Storm, Gorgeous Goudas from the Netherlands. 

 product-imageBeautiful Danish Milk

Call me at the Tiny Shop with the Big selection of Canadian and International Award winning Cheeses.

 Délice de Bourgogne - La Ferme Black River Game Farm   Delice de Bourgogne




Orders and Curb Side Pick ups  705-300-6658 or


  • Deliveries Here: Thursday & Friday
  • Open 7 days.
  • Full Covid Protocol  as usual 
  • Stay Healthy and Well


The Wonderful Croatian Phyllo Crisp Crackers are back Thursday,  

 Phyllo Crisps Pastry Dough Sheets Crisp Snack Variety Bundle - Cranberry  Oat Crisps Apple Cinnamon 2 Pk - 2.8 oz - -

So is the Fresh Real Creme Cheese.

For curb side orders  705- 300- 6658  new ph  # number  e trans $  and orders

Piano Piano     Pizza's  from Toronto

Styles. 10 minutes to cook

  •  Fresh Local  Garlic- 4 Varieties   
  • Fresh Produce coming very soon

 Store Hours weekly 10:30 until 5:30  

Weekends10:30 until 2 pm  due to Bridge Construction- 2 years- What a Shame


55 Varieties    each  Week

Danish Fontina , St Agur Blue,    Premium Stilton Blue , Shropshire Blue, Beemster Vlaskaas and Classic Beemster Too.Beemster Premium Goat, Greek Dodoni Feta  it's the Worlds Best.   Parmigiano Reggiano Vecchio

Beemsters Extra Old and VSOC    5 year Gouda ( pass the Scotch )

French Bries

Delice de Bourgnon & Chateau de Bourgnon

Caramelized Onion-  Hand Kneaded Abbott's Gold.  

Mango and Ginger White Stilton is for anytime.

Healthy European MilksWisconsin Bellevitano's Merlot ,  Balsamic & Caramelized Onion Cheddar ,Tennessee Whiskey Bellevitano  (Grama's Favourite           Wisconsin Asiago ,  

Aged  Organic Italian Regianno,

 Basket Cheeses         Truffle Pecorinos ,

             Aged Manchego, Premium Romano Lupa,

Ottawa Valley 10 Year old White Cheddar Organic,   Mexicana Ilchester  with a back bite Snowdonia Black Bomber, Red Storm Snowdonia, 

Premium Shropshire Blue, pair that with Cave Aged  1655 Swiss Gruyere, 

check out the                Cheese  Guy elmvale Blogspot

Jams     Jellies Spreads  Chutneys         American Chocolate Bars 

Pig's and Taters , Italian Chocolates

Finlandia Muenster  for the stretch , think well aged Havarti 

Get Ready for the Worlds Best Garlics  Summer 

1,000's of Biggie Bulbs, the Worlds best Garlics

 705 300 6658

email   the


Sunday, 8 August 2021

Welcome to a New Hot Week Plenty of Fresh Goodies. Garlic Veggies& Cream Cheese Too

 Private Club   Cheese Club

 Hot Time In the City!

Best of Times in the Country!


All of the Regular Tasty Cheeses, Croatian Phyllo Crisps, Cream Cheese.... 

Triple Cremes & Chocolates by midweek...You ate them All

I will update this page by days end.

Let's switch to a Private Club   Cheese Club 

All Existing  Customers & friends of customers  Welcome!

 Curb side and orders 705 300 6658

Garlic and Veggies from farmers K and T


Monday, 14 June 2021

Cheese Guy Bit's and Bites All of Your Favourites and a Few New Tasty Bits Let's Enjoy the First Real Summer Of The 2020's

 Beautiful Scapes From The Garlic Man NorthGarlic Scapes: How To Harvest & Cook The Most Whimsical Vegetable - The  Good Heart Life Here's a link to Recipes for scapes in, on, or around your dishes.  7 Scapes ideas    click to enter


* Two Canadian Cultured Butters   Cow's Creamery P.E.I and Chagnon Famille Kaiser Quebec

*Phyllo Crisp sweet phyllo hand made pastries  from Croatia        All Flavours

Facebook  Pasqualies and Phyllo Crisp  are 5  Star products


Pasquale's Glorious Flat Bread Cranberry, Pumkin, Flax and All Dressed

Cranberry Pumpkin Flax Flatbread 

Snowdonia Chutneys


Snowdonia Cheese Company launches new vegan chutney range   Dalmatia Fig Spread


  Award-winning recipe Dalmatia® Fig Spread 8.5oz jar – Dalmatia® Authentic  Croatian Spreads 


All of Your Favourites and a Few New Tasty Bits

The Cheese Guy

249-888-8887  or  705-300 - 6658 (new)

Saturday, 5 June 2021

Weekend Up Date Fresh Cream Cheese special, Bries ,Chateau & Grey Owl, 1655 Gruyere, St Agur Blue Blue Tiger, Spark up The BBQ

 Here's a Quick up Date  Heat Wave Specials

Fresh  Western Cream Cheese is In  

Great Price, Too


Large Buffalo Balls..........Salad up ..Feta, Too

Piano Piano Pizzas  5 styles  Great Prices

Grey Owl Brie QuebecA royal welcome for Grey Owl cheese | Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph Online

Blue Tiger Blue    Tiger Blue cheese Toronto - Cheese Boutique

St Agur Blue

Stilton Sélection Royale quart ciré 1,8kg - Les Dépendances - CanadaStilton Blue Premium  Blue Waxed    It's that Good

Shropshire Blue Fresh off the Wheel  add a slice of 1655 Gruyere , it;s heaven

Shropshire Blue – TOMME Cheese Shop

Espresso Bellivitano 

Traditional BellaVitano Italian farmstead style cheese, with its similarities to a premium Parmesan, is hand-rubbed with freshly roasted Espresso. This gives the cheese a uniquely sweet, smokey, roasted flavour.

Sartori Reserve Espresso BellaVitano Cheese

Monday, 31 May 2021

New cheeses and arriving soon cheeses and more Pizza, tomatos, chocolates &.....

 Plenty of fresh  St Agur,  Real Cream Cheese  ( more Friday ) and Mature Beemsters

More Montana Intenso and tasty Red Storm &  

Black Bomber


Just In   Espresso BelliVitano  Bella Vitano Espressokäse | USA | KäseWillie Online Shop A friend once told me that a slice of amazing aged cheddar with their morning coffee was a slice of heaven. Nice Crystalisation and beautiful Parmesean notes Too.


Many other Rare and Flavoured Cheddars from across the Pond and our Capital Region.

Pecorino, Manchego. Romano Lupa Premium, Wisconsin Asiago.....

Put some Mexicana on these Pizza's or  some Mango Ginger Stilton! It's Legal here.

 Piano Piano, Pizza  Margeraita,  Pepperoni Mediteranian Style Hornet & Italian Sauage

Arriving on the Next train.........Beemster Truffle & Beemster Hatch Pepper Goudas

Yes the Life Multi coloured Gouda is finally back.

Nice gentle pepprica back bite, Too. 


Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Ah! Spring Time. Cheese Time! Many New and Different Cheeses. For Customers, Curb Side or Single Bubble! eMe or come in to Taste it.

They Can't get Premium Cheeses this Fresh and at this Price in The Big City. 

Beemster Goat- It presents as a hard cheese but melts in your mouth. A clean CRISP presentation.

Peacock Cheese - Beemster Premium Goat Gouda 1/4 

A Beautiful Sheep Percorino from Southern Italy 

Fiore Sardo DOP

Fiore Sardo | ciboPomodorina From Menu  

The only sauce for Pasta...Just an amazing Italian Sauce!

Pomodorina Pasta Sauce (665ml) – Reesor's Online Market 


Dodoni Feta    The worlds best Feta

Dodoni Greek Feta Cheese 1kg (2.2lb) 


Pian0 Piano Pizza  from Toronto 

Piano Piano Pizza | Mill Street CheeseFrozen Pizza - Piano Piano Restaurant – Heatherlea Farm Shoppe

 The Cheese Guy 77 Yonge Street South

Elmvale 249 888 8887

Check out the Blog....everything is cut from wheels, blocks or wedges.....

usually about 55 excellent fresh cheeses. 

I cut only what you want.....


10:30 to 5:30 ish Weekdays

until 3:00 pm weekends.


Regular Customers and Friends Only.

Refer a friend...

Please .....NO diseased cheese haters ,,,  or haters in general..

Not a debating society